The project


Buscadero is an Italian magazine, dedicated primarily to "Americana" music. Founded in 1980, it is one of the few magazines of its kind still in print; an amazing feat in these difficult times!

A great number of American songwriters have become famous in Italy thanks to Buscadero, and 10 years ago Buscadero also founded a great summer music festival (Buscadero Day) which has taken place every year since, by a small lake near the city of Como in northern Italy.

Buscadero has now launched a crowdfunding campaign to support the festival, and among the rewards to be had is an amazing album, which is now being recorded, and we're asking you to help support this absolute gem of a project!

Imagine a playlist of your favorite songs, played by extraordinary American songwriters - The songs of Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Townes Van Zandt, John Prine, Lucinda Williams, and others, sung by the likes of James Maddock, Malcolm, Holcombe, Mary Gauthier, Jono Manson, Michael McDermott, David Bromberg, Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams and many more.

This work in progress needs your help! A pledge of only ten euros will get you the digital download of the album along with the satisfaction of knowing that you're helping to sustain the Buscadero Day festival and contributing to combating Parkinson's disease!

In fact, the Buscadero Day is now collaborating with WOODinSTOCK, an organization which has long been dedicated to fighting Parkinson's, all to the sound music. All earnings from the festival will be donated to research.

You may not have an opportunity to come and visit us in Italy, but there are many fabulous and unique rewards being offered, in addition to the album - Even the chance to go to dinner with David Bromberg and his band in a lovely Italian restaurant where chef Marco prepares his masterpieces. You can also choose a weekend in a farmhouse in Tuscany where, of course, there will be no shortage of music in the air.

Yes, we are halfway around the world, but we love the music of the great American songwriters. We are on a mission, help us to keep it alive. Please show your support any way you can, and share our campaign. Thank you!