BeCrowdy is the reward-based crowdfunding platform for cultural and artistic projects, thanks to which artists and promoters can propose their projects and fund them with the community's help.

Who are you?

Visual and performing arts, events, music or publishing. Discover all the artistic and cultural projects in the different categories!

Once you have decided on the project that interests you, it's time to fund it! Choose among the different rewards the one you like the most.

After giving your support, share the project with all your friends... remember that crowdfunding is based on collaboration!

Create your crowdfunding campaign! Present your project to the community, deciding your budget and the deadline.
Get in the game, create original and exclusive rewards for your supporters. Remember that being creative is essential!
If at the end of the campaign you've reached or exceeded your budget, you will receive the amount collected to bring your project to life!

BeCrowdy e il MEI

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