How it works

BeCrowdy is the reward-based crowdfunding platform for cultural and artistic projects,through which artists and promoters may propose their own projects and finance them through the help of the community.

Who are the key players?

He has the opportunity to receive funds directly, sharing the production process with the public who will also be the ultimate beneficiary of his project.
He will be able to carry out projects that would otherwise remain only on paper, taking advantage of the promotional effect implicitly generated by the campaign.
In addition to funding projects, the community can express their interests and preferences, enabling the artist and the promoter to share and receive advice and opinions.

It's easy!

The artist/promoter creates a campaign dedicated to the project that he wants to realize, indicating the necessary budget and the duration of the campaign. To encourage donations from the community, he also creates "rewards" corresponding to different amounts and closely related to the project. At the end of the campaign, if the budget is reached or exceeded, the artist/promoter receives the amount that he collected. Only in this case, BeCrowdy applies an 8% fee on the total amount. Otherwise, if the budget is not reached, the money received will be returned to the respective donors and the platform will not apply any fee.

The community has a central role in crowdfunding campaigns. Indeed, through backers' donations, artists and promoters can bring their ideas to life and complete their projects. The backer may select up to 3 rewards for each project. After having chosen a reward and having made the payment, the backer must wait until the end of the campaign...and in the meantime, he can help spread the word and let everyone know about the project that he supported! In the end, if the budget is reached, he will receive the reward he selected, otherwise he will not be charged anything.

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