BeCrowdy Help Desk

What is BeCrowdy?

A reward-based crowdfunding platform to fund and support artistic and cultural projects at a national and international level.

What does "reward-based" crowdfunding mean?

Crowdfunding is generically collective fundraising. Reward-based crowdfunding is based on rewards: to encourage donations from the community, the project creator prepares ad hoc "rewards" according to the different fees paid by backers. Rewards can be tangible (a copy of a book) or symbolic (a thank-you on a website) and must be closely connected to the project and/or the artist.

Who can fund projects on BeCrowdy?

Anyone who is registered on the website and who is at least 18 years old. It is possible to make a donation by credit card or debit card through PayPal.

Who can create a crowdfunding campaign on BeCrowdy?

Anyone who is at least 18 years old, is registered on the platform and is an "Artist" or a "Promoter" with a project or an idea.

Who is an Artist?

A person or a group that has an idea in the artistic or cultural field and wants to present a project to the community to raise funds.

Who is a Promoter?

A promoter is, for example, an association, a cultural enterprise, an exhibition, a festival or a publishing house which has a project in the artistic or cultural field and wants to present it to the community to raise funds.

If I want to create a campaign for my project, what should I do?

The first step is to sign up for free on the website and then follow the guidelines to prepare and submit a draft of your project. After being evaluated in terms of feasibility and coherence by BeCrowdy’s team, the project will be uploaded on the platform.

Can I create any kind of project?

No, your project must be artistic or cultural. BeCrowdy will carefully evaluate all projects submitted, and if your idea does not conform to the platform you will contacted.
Not sure which category your project belongs to? Contact us at or visit the section "Create"

What are the costs of using BeCrowdy?

Signing up on the website is free. For those who finance the projects there isn’t any cost.
If you create a campaign and it reaches the economic goal that you set, BeCrowdy will charge an 8% fee and you will also be charged for Paypal's transaction fees.

What are the "budget" and the "deadline" of a project? Can they be changed during the campaign?

The budget is the economic goal that you want to reach through your campaign. To define it, you must take into account the costs for the actual implementation of the project, BeCrowdy’s fee and Paypal’s transaction fees, in addition to any charges for creating or sending rewards to your backers.
On the other hand, the deadline is the date of the beginning and end of the campaign.
The budget and deadline are defined at the beginning of the campaign and cannot be changed.

How many days can a campaign last?

From 30 to 90 days. Other deadlines must be carefully evaluated and approved by BeCrowdy’s team.

If I don’t reach the budget, what happens?

BeCrowdy is based on the "all or nothing" mechanism. This means that if the budget (economic goal) is reached, the project creator receives the money he collected. Otherwise, the money will not be taken from the backers’ accounts, without generating costs for neither the backer nor the project creator.

What if I reach the budget before the deadline?

Make a toast and continue promoting your project to raise funds until the end of the campaign! It is of course possible and desirable to exceed 100% of your budget. Indeed, this could give the project a further and unexpected push forward. This is also why it is very important to know how to communicate and present ideas and their goals well.

After the beginning of my campaign, can I change or add a reward?

You cannot change the rewards that you have already published. If necessary, you can add a reward, after discussing this option with BeCrowdy.

How does the payment work?


It is possible to make a donation by credit card or debit card through PayPal.

The electronic payment via PayPal does not imply costs for the backer.

Using Paypal, the backer makes a donation on BeCrowdy to support a project and this donation remains only a promise until the end of crowdfunding campaign. The backer agrees to make the amount he wants to donate available by the campaign’s deadline.

To make a payment through Paypal, if the backer already has a Paypal account, he can immediately proceed with payment. If he does not have a Paypal account, he can open it quickly and free of charge while entering his credit card or debit card information. Using a Paypal account is a secure payment method that protects the backer, even if, in the future, he will consider it necessary to open a dispute against the project creator.

Check out our guidelines on find out how to pay via PayPal.

What if the campaign is not successful and does not reach the budget?
If the backer paid with Paypal, he will simply not be charged for the donation.
In any case, he will not be charged anything and of course will not receive the reward he had selected.


The project creator is required to have an active PayPal account in order to publish his campaign. In case he does not have one, he can open it very easily and for free.

PayPal applies transaction fees to the project creator, only if the project is successfully funded. Remember that if the campaign does not reach the budget, there will be no fees charged by PayPal or from the platform.

Here you can find standard fees for PayPal:

If the project is successfully funded, BeCrowdy will also charge an 8% fee.

The fiscal regularization of the amount received will be under the project creator’s responsibility.

How much can I donate?

Donations can range from a minimum of € 2.00 to a maximum of € 1.000,00. It is not possible to donate a fractionated amount (i.e. Euro 5.50)

After purchasing a reward, can I buy more?

Yes, you can buy a maximum of 3 rewards for each project.

Can my donation remain anonymous?

Yes, it is your right. In any case, the amount you have donated will remain hidden and only the project creator will see it.

If the campaign is successful, when will I receive the reward that I have chosen?

It depends on the reward itself and the campaign. Each project creator is required to update the bakers on the project's development and on the implementation and delivery of rewards.

If at the end of the campaign I realize that I will not be able to implement the project, what should I do?

If you find out that you cannot carry out the project after the campaign has ended successfully, please contact BeCrowdy’s team immediately. You will have to personally provide for the full refund of the donations paid by your backers and deal with the situation with the utmost good faith and cooperation, consistent with the principles and interests of BeCrowdy and all the people involved.
BeCrowdy is not responsible for any legal action taken against you.

How can I trust the project creators?

Remember that crowdfunding is based on mutual trust. Project creators are invited to post videos and pictures of their project and provide their contact information, exposing themselves and putting themselves "in the game" personally on the web. They are also advised to keep their community updated throughout the project, both during and after the end of the campaign.

What if someone wants to steal my idea?

This is a risk you have to take if you want people to know about your project and ensure that the community can also help you fund it! Also, creating a campaign allows you to "test" the validity of your project among those users who will be your public. BeCrowdy, and crowdfunding in general, are based on sharing ideas and collaborating. If you don’t speak with anyone about your idea, how are you going to achieve it?

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Please write an email to the following address: