The project


The question we asked ourselves is simple: is Alzheimer a disease or a new condition of being? The answer is ‘SehenSucht’, art installation born from the obsessed desire to look beyond pietistic and reassuring words, medicines that don’t exist, health politics and the huge amount of money spent by the families. But we’ve also dealt with empathy, relation, the desire to reciprocate love. Such question became more urgent while working on the art project ‘a a a a’ (2011-2014) during which the artist Laura Morelli and the documentarist Sara Luraschi, have closely worked with dozens of people from the Alzheimer’s community: caregivers, patients, volunteers, health services. This project alimented various reflections and, as a conclusion, ‘SehenSucht’ sets to become a dialogue between the two authors through voices, faces and stories of the people involved and attempts to bring together four years of research and relational experimentation.


A space is divided into two by a layered tulle. The projection comprises respectively of a video and audio on each side. The audience is able to freely walk 360° around the projection. The light and layered screen, allows for the projections to be visible from each side with diverse transparencies; luminous traces fall on to the floor, keeping the tulle’s texture’s memory. During the projection few images, sequences, audio are contextualised and occur in both videos, strengthening the sensorial and emotive impact.


Funding to cover technical requirements and materials: 2 projectors, a suspended support system hanged from the ceiling, hardware and software necessary for the projection. With more financial aid we could have the possibility to showcase and feature ‘SehenSucht’ as part of festivals, art galleries, social events in Italy and beyond.


  • Gianna’s pins_ the first and great muse who inspired the project. TRUE 60’s VINTAGE.
  • Brooches and handbags made by 6 hands_ realized by women who collaborated to the project, using their clothes and belongings taken from their personal drawers and carrying their stories. UNIQUE PIECES.
  • Daily postcards_ video frames with dedication and sentences handwritten by women who are part of the project.
  • For the wealthy supporters, the possibility to book the installation for a definite period of time.


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