The project

After my first, self-produced EP, “Russo Amorale”, released in 2016 for New Model Label, described as a “brief but brilliant debut” by Blow-Up Magazine, and after a series of concerts in France and Italy in the last two years, the moment has come for me to record my first studio album. In this 10-track album, that I would like to produce with your help, I will try to express my French-Italian sensitivity and my being a creature of the border. Between my native Lorraine and my adoptive Emilia-Romagna, I will take you with me on an intimate and lyrical round trip across the Alps.

As my Italian grandfather used to sing, “Non mi domandate dove vado, non mi domandate dove me ne andrò (Don’t ask me where I’m going; don’t ask me where I’ll go)”. In my musical wandering, I will pay tribute to my roots now divided across two worlds and their invisible borders. The recording studio Esagono, in the heart of the Emilia region, won me over at once. I am quite confident that I will find the perfect vibes for my work there. “Emilia Paranoica (francesizzata)”, my cover version of CCCP - Fedeli alla Linea’s hit, along with the fact that it seals my ideal geographical marriage between Lorraine and Emilia, is also an appetizer to give you a hint of how my record will sound. I will sing in both French and Italian, and the songs will feature the characteristics of the traditions of the “chansonniers” and “cantautori”. As for the musical arrangements, you will find both unplugged folk ballads and obsessive rock songs. For two gritty blues songs, I will sing in English.

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