The project

Lose Your Labels, Going Beyond Identity will be an exciting contemporary art event held over the course of an evening (18 February 2016), starting at 6pm and finishing around 10-11pm. Artists will use the space to conduct interactive or participatory performances which seek to challenge the audience's notions of self-identity and the labels they apply to themselves. The performances may involve the media of storytelling, dance, photography, sound and/or video.

The event will be held at Carozzerie n.o.t, a unique industrial space nestled between the Testaccio and Trastevere areas of Rome and is being organised by an international group of professionals undertaking the Master in Arts Management course at IED (Istituto Europeo di Design).

How will the money be used?
The money which you donate will be used to transform the space into an experimental lab for contemporary art, helping us to acquire the technical equipment to realise the artist's performances. It will also be used to provide exposure of the artists and the creation of a video record of the event.

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