The project


Co-produced by Collettivo Teatro Siena and David Glass Ensemble
The Brides Reloaded is a new furiously dynamic piece of mythic theatre drawing from the traditions of Contemporary European Physical and Visual Theatre. Ten women in bride outfits celebrate, fight, dance, sing and worship at the end of the history. Locked in a rotting palace – the Palace of Survival- no groom ever comes and the seasons move from Spring to a brutal Winter, when the brides transform into wolves, tare the beating bloody heart out of the Princess bride and hang her body in a bridal gown bag filled with ice. Then wait for another Spring that may never come. After its debut as a work in progress in Spring 2017, the show will definitively debut on January the 23rd, 2018 in Siena at the Teatro dei Rozzi before embarking on a national and an international tour in 2018/2019
Devised by the company and directed by David Glass.

Up to now the project has been almost completely financed by the performers participating in it, and partially supported by the Municipality of Siena and Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo.
The fundraising in progress will be destined to fund the production of the show until the 23rd of January (modifications to the scenography, costumes and objects used during the performance), and to plan and promote workshops, both in Italy and abroad. The workshops for young people are focused on the empowerment of the condition of women and are meant to have a social impact. That is why we need to support flight tickets, transfer, food and accommodation for the teachers, so that workshop fees will be very low, and also people with difficult economic situations can participate.

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