The project

Blake EternalLife Show is poetry and music, it has been an album, a radio play and a semi-acoustic live, made by two actors-musicians overwhelmed by William Blake and its "visions".
Blake, who lived between the end of '700 and early' 800, was printmaker, illustrator and poet. A free and provocative artist, elusive, able to revolutionize poetic language with themes, images and a natural musicality that even today impress. This musical is merged in the album Blake, with a sound that mix together rock and electronic veins and for Blake EternalLife Show 1.0 (live) has taken a more intimate and acoustic nature.

Our project is based on self-handling from the beginning, but now we want to turn to a wider audience for finding the resources necessary to achieve the next step, maintaining the independence of the project and its freedom of expression.

The aim is to get the EternalLife Show from 1.0 to a later stage, a live show in which music, poetry, drama and video art coexist, a performance that finally recreates all that Blake has evoked in his unique poetry, complex and deep forms of art, destined to remain eternal.

We want to bring Blake everywhere, in theaters, squares, schools, parks, to old and young, men and women of all ages, because we believe that he can speak to anyone. For this reason we place great emphasis on videos, on his ability to speak to the people imagination and sensitivity, using the evocative power of poetry. Images are the key and Blake showed it with his choice to associate poem with an incision. To facilitate this further step in our work we decided to let us known and make known Blake first of all here in Italy, through a series of dates in different cities with our live 1.0, a preparation and a promise of what would and what could become Blake EternalLife Show.
This is why we worked to offer as much as possible to those who know and want to know our work, distributing the digital album on bandcamp, recording and teaser clip and opening various communication channels that allow us to be in contact with those who are interested or passionate about all EternalLife Show. The 4,000 euros that we’re asking for are required to pay the players who would participate in the live performance (we imagine the arches and a battery), a phonic, a sound technician and a video artist who creates the video part that will be associated to the music and poetry.

We believe in what we have done, otherwise we wont continue to work on our project in the last two years. We believe in it because Blake showed us a new vision of the world and of man's existence, suggesting the great inner revolutions we want to share and share with all the people. The support and encouragement of the artists who have chosen to collaborate on Blake until this point are what makes us to continue until the creation of the artistic project, in the name of visions of Blake, because from the moment we kwen his poetry we feel better person.