The project

Maria Cefalà was discovered by the famous pianist Anna Kravtchenko, who recognized a unic talent in the Bach’s repertoire interpretation. With her starts the idea to realize the whole Bach’s Partitas, as a first step towards the study of the entire collections.
The unicity of the project resides in the difficulty of the repertoire, which has been taken on by few, and by no woman in Italy; besides, all of this is conceived in a new fashion, distant from the classic idea both of the interpretation and the repertoire itself, thanks to a young and modern image. The idea is to shoot the two videos in February 2018, togheter with a photo session, and to use the collected material to realize the artist’s website and social network profiles; these will be used as an introduction to music agencies to induct the artist in the concert and discographic activity.

One of the videos will be the recording of the execution of one of the Partitas, with separated audio track recorded in studio, in a suggestive location.
The second will be a video interview of the artist, with both comments and played musical parts.
Aside of this several professional portraits will be shot by a photographer, to compose the website and the profiles on the social networks, managed by a cooperator.