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If you have a cultural or artistic idea or project, you're in the right place!

BeCrowdy wants to give opportunities to artists and cultural promoters who have a project they want to create but cannot cover, wholly or partially, the costs and expenses to carry it out.

To access our services and be able to start a crowdfunding campaign on our website, your project must belong to one of these categories:

  1. VISUAL ARTS (from paintings to documentaries, short films, installations, photography, street art, etc.)
  2. PUBLISHING (from a book to a poem, from a magazine to a fanzine, from catalogs to comics, etc.)
  3. EVENTS (from festivals to workshops, from expositions to readings, etc.)
  4. MUSIC (from a CD to a video, from concerts to tours, etc.)
  5. PERFORMING ARTS (from theater to dance, circus, acting, etc.)

If your project falls into one of these categories and you share our mission... you can begin working on your project's presentation!
Remember that a well-structured crowdfunding campaign can represent an excellent promotion and free marketing opportunity through which, by exploiting the potential of the web, you can publicize your project and yourself!

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